BY ninan| IN MEDIA WATCH BRIEFS |26/10/2007
The ministry of information and broadcasting is set to spend Rs 800 million on its  answer to the NDA’s  India Shining. The advertising campaign is aimed at publicising the government¿s initiatives in the agriculture, rural development, education, infrastructure and healthcare sectors. IANS..
BY ninan| IN MEDIA PRACTICE |13/10/2006
Twenty-first century media is going to grow very differently from media as we understand it.
BY ninan| IN MEDIA WATCH BRIEFS |06/08/2006
Chandan Mitra is not the first newspaper editor to also be a member of parliament. But he is possibly the first to pass off  his own speech in the Rajya Sabha as a substitute for his regular Sunday column. (Pioneer, August 6.) The column therefo
BY ninan| IN REGIONAL MEDIA |07/05/2006
As he gets set to conquer the rest of the country, Kalanidhi Maran is a man to both admire and fear.
BY ninan| IN MEDIA WATCH BRIEFS |18/01/2005, the media blog which runs primarily on chutzpah, has reappeared after some months of absence, proclaiming that it is the only fearless and independent media commentator around.
BY ninan| IN MEDIA WATCH BRIEFS |11/12/2004
Was it ethical of the police to release a video grab of the Kanchi Shankaracharya breaking down during interrogation to the press? Was it ethical of the Asian Age to carry it and then say in the caption in its own defence that Nakkeeran had also publ
BY ninan| IN MEDIA WATCH BRIEFS |05/12/2004
Between aggressive advertising and tabloid derring do the front page of the Delhi Sunday Express on December 5 was a trifle indigestible. Even if the Marie biscuits advertised right in the middle of news stories are usually easy to digest.
BY ninan| IN MEDIA WATCH BRIEFS |04/10/2004
In the absence of a watchdog, TV channels get away with violating basic ethical norms. On Sunday October 3, during its programme Hello Control Room, Sahara Samay showed a rape victim in Orissa whose face was purportedly obscured. But her features wer
BY ninan| IN MEDIA WATCH BRIEFS |04/10/2004
After Vir Sanghvi started the trend, editors now think they should be interviewing actresses. Shekhar Gupta has done Madhuri Dixit, Preity Zinta and Rani Mukherjee on NDTVøs Walk the Talk before he interviewed Aishwarya Rai this Sunday, and later in
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ET reports that the Congress party will  have a hyperlocal social media strategy for the forthcoming state elections. It says the Congress social media cell has "identified block level social media warriors" who will give feedback on community level issues to the party's social media  war room. Such as which local temples  with a particular caste following the Congress state unit chief should visit, or in which areas farm loan waiver schemes are going badly, giving the Congress an issue to raise.                    

Doordarshan interviewed  two BJP ministers in the afternoon about what they thought of Rahul Gandhi's speech during the no-trust motion, and why BJP MPs had felt the need to come outside Parliament and attack him. Ministers of state Ashwini Chaubey and Ram Kirpal Yadav answered at considerable length and were allowed to have their say. The reporter also asked one of them what he thought about RG's hugging the PM and he effectively snorted in disapproval. When a panel discussion began after this,  more leading questions from the news anchor about this 'jadu ki jhappi."  And more criticism followed.                        

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