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Monalisa Changkija's banned book

Naga editor's book banned by tribal body
Upset with Monalisa Changkija's new book, the tribal body Ao Senden has banned it.   Once again, writes SUBIR BHAUMIK, the issue of freedom of expression is at stake. (Pix: Monalisa Changkija; photo credit: 
1984 at the Indian Express...
…was truly Orwellian after the management fired journalists for refusing to work during a lockout over a new union.   SUSAN ABRAHAM recalls her 30 year legal battle to get justice over unfair dismissal (Pix: Express Towers, Mumbai). 
AIUDF's court offensive against NewsX
By filing 22 defamation cases against the news channel in 22 districts, for linking it with jihadi activities, the AIUDF is countering what it calls media terror with its own legal terror,   says SUBIR BHAUMIK (Pix: Maulana Badruddin Ajmal). 
Modi vs Obama
Letter to the Hoot --While Narendra Modi did address students at the Queensland University of Technology, the leader who set the tone for the G20 was undoubtedly President Obama.   PRADIP THOMAS thinks the Indian media is going overboard. 
The sordid side of TV news
The depiction of the US media scene in the film Nightcrawler – zero ethics and standards – should alarm us. How long before India gets there too,   asks VIKRAM JOHRI (Pix: The Viral Fever video). 
Understanding Net neutrality
In light of the debate over the FCC recommendations on regarding charging more for high-speed Internet, we present a briefing on what the issues are.   SHIRISH AGARWAL decodes net neutrality (Pix: President Obama -- supporting Net neutrality). 
Portrait of a man and an election
Rajdeep Sardesai's book mixes insight and anecdote to offer an analysis of the making and remaking of Narendra Modi.   But should the author have debated whether or not Modi was complicit in the riots in a mere seven paragraphs, asks AJAZ ASHRAF 
Haider: to depict or not to depict...
...that is the question posed by Vishal Bhardwaj's film. Why is it that women are portrayed as marginal and Kashmiri Pandits have been neglected by film makers,   asks SANJAY PULIPAKA (Pix: A still from Haider). 
Priorities for Mr Jaitley
Digitisation is a job half done which has so far benefitted the government the most, by way of taxes, and the consumer the least.   SEVANTI NINAN on crucial issues the new ministers need to consider. (Pix: PIB: Arun Jaitley taking charge as the I&B minister on November 10.) 
Honey, I shrunk the editorial...
Nothing is better for an editorial than to be reduced, condensed, whittled away at. Let me show you how it's done,   says DARIUS NAKHOONWALA 

Other recent stories
Some of the employees of the Hindi news channel P7 News, which is owned by Pearls Broadcasting Corporation Ltd and is based out of Noida sector 57, went on a strike yesterday, demanding salary for the previous few months. In the evening the channel even broadcast a “breaking news”: “salary vivaad ke chalte P7 News band (P7 News shut due to salary-related issues)”. The employees, according to a Hindi media watch site, have alleged that the director Kesar Singh has been planning to shut the channel and abscond.

A young journalist, Shivam Bhatt, 25, who worked for Zee News was killed and two other journalists were critically injured  in a road accident when they were returning from coverage of the Satlok Ashram incident at Hisar. The accident occurred near Kultana village of Kaithal in the early hours of November 20 morning.

The Delhi High Court ruled on November 17 that 272 workers of the Hindustan Times be reinstated with back wages for the past nine years. Justice Suresh Kait has termed their retrenchment arbitrary, and upheld the earlier judgement of the Industrial Tribunal  on January 23, 2012 which had ordered  reinstatement of the workers. The latest judgement clarifies that this must be done with back wages.

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