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All India Bakchod's India-Pak Independence Day video.

Spoofing takes off
Humour and satire are flourishing on web-based portals that take the mickey out of Indian life, from spoofing Arnab Goswami to ridiculing Salman Khan's tweets.   Enjoy, says VIKRAM JOHRI. 
Move over columnists and op-ed writers
Web videos are more powerful in sending out catchy messages and triggering debate.   ALKA GURHA looks at how humour and satire are breathing new life into old issues. Pix: the Kalki Koechlin video 
Now we are talking
THE MEDIA REGULATION DEBATE : TRAI raises all the right issues. But it totally ignores the economic realities of the business. Without acknowledging those how can the Indian news media business get out of its mess,   Asks VANITA KOHLI KHANDEKAR 
Competition vs plurality
MEDIA REGULATION DEBATE : What is conspicuous by its absence in the TRAI recommendations is proposed measures to promote horizontal plurality and prevent horizontal consolidation   A response by SMARIKA KUMAR and SIDDHARTH NARRAIN 
The soul of a selfie
A monkey clicks a photo. It goes viral. Does the monkey who grabbed the camera own the copyright or the photographer?   SHYAM G. MENON ruminates on contemporary creativity and its ills. Pix: Monkey and Slater, 
Book Extract: Nasreen's Tragic Tryst with Fame
By conventional mass communication theories, media attention is a great force multiplier.   In his book of reporting memoirs AJITH PILLAI profiles a victim of excessive media focus. 
Anticipatory bail for editorial freedom
THE MEDIA REGULATION DEBATE: TRAI's recommendations are a sort of anticipatory bail for editorial freedom.   They might restrict ownership but will preserve the journalists' freedoms, says TCA SRINIVASA-RAGHAVAN* 
How not to report a suicide
Zee News master class in bad reporting - interviewing the child of a woman who committed suicide.   AAKANKSHA SHARMA found it offensive and tasteless. 
Appointing judges
Leader writers were not at all convinced that the the new law is an improvement over the collegium system,   Says DARIUS NAKHOONWALA 
Gaza and a divided media
The UK media's coverage of the conflict has aroused charges of a pro-Israeli bias and re-ignited issues of objectivity.   NUPUR BASU reports on the debate from London. Pix: Jon Snow 

Other recent stories

Media, especially TV, refer to the post now denied to the Congress as LoP,  whatever it means, while it ought to be LoO,  short for Leader of Opposition. LoO probably sounds nasty? Sanjaya Baru,  one time media advisor to former PM Manmohan Singh noted this on his Facebook wall.

A twin march towards the Red Zone by Imran Khan and cleric Taher Quadri in Islamabad in the late hours of August 19 and alleged reports of  the Pakistani army laying seige to the PM's residence had the Indian channels scrambling for 'Live' feeds from Pakistani channels- the recently banned Geo News was back with exclusive coverage, along with Samaa News, ARY News, Express News ...Clearly,  though our governments will not talk, the channels from both countries have a very healthy understanding between them.

The RSS is reportedly eyeing the top chair of several cultural bodies, including the Indian Council of Cultural Relations, the Sangeet Natak Akademi and the Central Board of Film Certification. The latter has enough on its hands, as it deals with the embarrassment of the news of the CBI raid on its CEO Rakesh Kumar and his arrest for alleged bribe-taking.

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