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Sena's 'final offer' takes ties with BJP to the brink
BJP, Sena move further towards brinkmanship
Tie-up on brink as Sena sticks to guns, BJP to give fresh shot
Indian Express
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What Hindi press said about the assembly by-polls
The BJP's rout in the by-polls has come in for scathing criticism even in the Dainik Jagran.   ABHISHEK K CHOUDHARY discovered a distinctly new tone, with the party being attacked for choosing the wrong issues and hardly anyone defending it. PIX: The Dainik Jagran edit 
Regulatory anarchy
The question to ask is, would we want the CM to ban and unban channels at will? By which constitutional or legal authority is the CM of a state being bestowed such powers,   wonders PADMAJA SHAW 
Plus ca change...
The 2006 editorials on the Chinese premier's visit could have been reproduced with the names and dates changed and no one would have noticed the difference.   DARIUS NAKHOONWALA laments their banality. PIX: The TOI edit 
The art of the political interview
Teasing something genuinely new out of a politician is a rare skill all over the world.   VIKRAM JOHRI looks at how Indian journalists are faring and finds the results so so. PIX: Natwar Singh 
Media doublespeak
The use of the term "love jihad" by the media needs questioning, alongside other issues of why inflammatory remarks by politicians are reported and the treatment they are given.   JYOTI PUNWANI dissects the nuances. PIX: An article in 'The Indian Express' 
Using flood rescue for vested interests
The army's rescue operations in Jammu & Kashmir are being used as propaganda to bolster India's image.   FAHAD SHAH accuses the media of politicising the floods. The article in 'The Indian Express' 
Failing to get it right
The national media did not quite capture the calamity of the Kashmir floods in all its myriad aspects, human, social and political.   Reporting was not half as good as that of the local press and social media, says GEETA SESHU. PIX: Local media raising the questions that national media failed to ask. 
Neglecting the environment at our peril
With Jammu & Kashmir deluged, should the media be doing more to cover the environmental issues that culminate in these disasters?   A study of the north east shows the environment is a neglected topic, says NIVEDITA KHANDEKAR. PIX: Assam floods 
Bury the media?
The divisive climate in the newly created states is leading to a worrying new news dynamic which is never discussed.   MADABHUSHI SRIDHAR goes beyond the Telangana CM's ire to examine some issues. PIX: ABN Andhra Jyothi compares KCR to Hitler 
A 100-day analysis
The Hindi press took the same stand as the English media on the Narendra Modi government's first 100 days in office, namely, measured praise.   ANAND VARDHAN looks at the assessments. PIX: Hridaynarayan Dikshit edit in 'Dainik Jagran' 

Other recent stories

Shiv Sena's Saamana says media have been reporting talks between the party and BJP which were not even held, and accused them of distortions. Fortunately, it noted, when Gandhi and Jinnah met for their long talks, there were no TV crews outside second guessing what was being said by whom. Though a mouthpiece, it claims to also be a professional newspaper.

Journalists can contibute to diplomacy when the occasion demands. With the interview billed as ‘India on the world stage’ Fareed Zakaria’s 'world exclusive’ on CNN was statesmanlike, not inquisitorial. He sought to set the stage for a state visit, hence all those questions on the India–US relationship. Hence also the restraint. Zakaria did not interrupt the PM’s lofty assertions on India growing at the same pace as China by asking about the poverty and inequality here. No follow up questions allowed?

Two Indian correspondents in the US paint contrasting pictures of President Obama’s nominee for US ambassador to India. K P Nayar of the Telegraph says Richard Rahul Verma is a lightweight who is unlikely to have direct access to the President in case of a crisis, once he is in Delhi. Chidananda Rajghatta’s profile in TOI says he is a consummate Washington insider who has a strong supporter in Hillary Clinton, who could become President in 2016. 


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