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Jaya makes grand comeback as CM
Deccan Chronicle
National anthem takes shortcut at Jaya's oath
Hindustan Times
Jaya sworn in, Cong plans appeal in SC
Times of India
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The Mathrubhumi TV debate--"Should we fear migrant labourers?"

Kerala racism towards migrants
A debate on a Kerala channel that vented hatred of migrants was an example of the way the media fails migrant workers.   REJIMON K asks why they are given short shrift. Pix: 
The dynasty: inverting news values
When a headless body turns up in a topless bar or a man bites a dog, it is news. In India, it is news if Rahul and Sonia Gandhi speak.   AMRIT DHILLON muses on this strange phenomenon. Pix: Gandhi speaks in parliament. 
Gowns, parties, paparazzi, the red carpet...
…Oh, and there are films too at Cannes but you would hardly know it judging by the media coverage.   It's all so wannabe and pathetic, laments VIKRAM JOHRI. Pix: Makers of Chauthi Koot receiving a standing ovation at the Cannes Film Festival 2015 (taken from the film's Facebook page). 
Modi went, Modi saw, Modi did not conquer
Perhaps the Hindu's decision is the correct one: why write an edit when absolutely nothing has happened?   But everybody else wrote anyway, says DARIUS NAKHOONWALA. Pix: the Times of India edit on 18 May, 2015 
Under the radar
Unobtrusively, the Modi government has taken many controversial decisions which merit more attention than they have received.   SEVANTI NINAN recounts a few that reporters have uncovered. Pix: Environment minister Prakash Javadekar 
Right to information vs OSA
How does one make sense of the Official Secrets Act in the Age of the Right to Information?   VENKATESH NAYAK expatiates on their awkward co-existence. Pix: OSA will be reviewed--Aaj Tak grab 
The 'first draft' of history: where is it?
In the newspapers, of course. But since so few newspapers have digitised their archives, it is not available to us. India is still in the pre-digital era,   says N. P. RAJENDRAN (Pix of Bengal Gazette, 10 March 1781 from Heidelberger historische Bestände - digital). 
Delhi's duelling dailies
The Times of India and the Hindustan Times have been slugging it out through fiesty ads, accusing each other of inflating circulation figures.   JYOTIRMOY CHAUDHURI and PARANJOY GUHA THAKURTA look at wider context of this battle. 
Predictable squawks over 'Amma' verdict
The Pioneer whose BJP orientation made it look for the political benefits, did not bother to hide its joy at what this would mean for the NDA government.   And Telegraph got it just right, says DARIUS NAKHOONWALA. 
CR stations in Nepal struggle to restore broadcasting
108 community radio stations in approximately 30 districts have been affected. But Gorkha FM is one of the first to be back on air in the quake affected areas,   writes PREETI RAGHUNATH. 

Other recent stories
This is the thin edge of the wedge for film critics everywhere. The film section of Mumbai Mirror on Monday, 25 May, has issued a small clarification called “RATING REVISED”. On Friday, Mirror’s film critic Rahul Desai had given the newly released film Tanu Weds Manu Returns two and a half stars. But “following reader feedback and research which differed significantly from him”, the paper decided to upgrade the ratings to three and a half stars. Where does that leave their critic, we wonder.
On May 22, the ET supplement Panache had a story called “Woo her back”. It was meant for men who had cheated on their partners. "Perhaps it was a one time thing," it begins, helpfully.  “But, instead of ending the relationship, all you want to do is make it work. We tell you how you can win her trust back.” Maybe the Panache editors need a basic lesson or two in feminism. 
On May 21, all Mumbai newspapers reported on page 1  the NIA charge sheet against Areeb Majeed, the Kalyan boy who went off to join ISIS last year. But when the Indian Express asked Areeb's family his mother contradicted the NIA  claim that Areeb had "sneaked into'' India and was caught at Mumbai airport. He had returned on his own, she said, in fact, she and her husband had notified the NIA when he told them he wanted to return.  This isn't the first time that intelligence agencies are taking credit for "nabbing" fugitives who return on their own. March 12, 1993 bomb blasts accused Yakub Memon, who faces the death penalty, is the prime example of this. Despite knowing this, our newspapers faithfully report only the agency version.
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