Press Freedom

Great Supreme Court privacy ruling but…


…the problem for journalists is that it can be used against them when public figures and celebrities want to stop media scrutiny


Dangerous Pursuit

BY P Sainath| IN MEDIA FREEDOM |01/09/2016

In the 27 cases of journalists murdered for their work in India since CPJ began keeping records in 1992, there have been no convictions.


Slow justice for murdered journalists


Since 2010, 23 journalists have been murdered, three this year. There has been only one conviction in which an appeal is pending.


Four months, 22 assaults on the press


All over India, journalists at the district level are vulnerable but things are worst in Chhattisgarh, Uttar Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.


A black day for media and democracy


Sedition charges, BJP assaulters, attackers in lawyers’ robes, nationalist anchors—the media’s freedom was tested on Monday by all of these.


BSES vs ToI: a defamation biggie


BSES Limited, a company in the Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group (ADAG), has sought a stupendous Rs 5,000 crore as damages from BCCL for a series of stories in August based on a draft CAG report.


Disaffection case against 'Hindu' editor: We are like that only!

IN MEDIA FREEDOM |01/10/2013

How a news story about the private visit of a high-ranking police officer to a religious leader becomes a threat to media freedom,


Why was Chaitali killed

BY Lois Kapila and Nikhil Roshan| IN MEDIA FREEDOM |08/10/2012

Felled by a parcel bomb, her death focuses, yet again, on the dangers faced by the activist-journalist.


'Prove that you are a journalist'

BY Geeta Seshu| IN MEDIA FREEDOM |03/05/2012

Attacked for exposing tree felling by politicians, asked by the police to prove that he is a journalist, jettisoned by the newspaper he works for, Kamal Shukla typifies the plight of journalists in Chattisgarh.


Journalist deaths: more questions than answers

IN MEDIA FREEDOM |10/03/2012

Were they killed for their work? Were they involved in other matters? Did their professional and personal enemies conspire to kill them?


Dark times

BY The Hoot| IN MEDIA FREEDOM |18/07/2010

In less than twenty days of this month there have been six assaults on journalists and one arrest in Manipur, Kerala, Kashmir, Maharashtra, Orissa and Delhi.


Sitting ducks for public ire?

BY B.P. Sanjay| IN MEDIA FREEDOM |03/03/2010

The media in the Kannada Prabha case is the victim of a larger threat to creative, artistic and academic discourses. Unfortunately, media institutions are sitting ducks for public ire--genuine or orchestrated,



Andaman govt tightens screws on local media

BY Andaman Chronicle| IN MEDIA FREEDOM |09/01/2010

The administration has taken one more step to cut advertising support to the local media, by empowering a department to stop ads.


Shades of Repression

BY ninan| IN MEDIA FREEDOM |10/03/2003

Take a look at the increasing number of states where journalists are besieged.


Iftikhar Gilani: No safeguards in the Official Secrets Act

BY mannika| IN LAW AND POLICY |03/01/2003

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ET reports that the Congress party will  have a hyperlocal social media strategy for the forthcoming state elections. It says the Congress social media cell has "identified block level social media warriors" who will give feedback on community level issues to the party's social media  war room. Such as which local temples  with a particular caste following the Congress state unit chief should visit, or in which areas farm loan waiver schemes are going badly, giving the Congress an issue to raise.                    

Doordarshan interviewed  two BJP ministers in the afternoon about what they thought of Rahul Gandhi's speech during the no-trust motion, and why BJP MPs had felt the need to come outside Parliament and attack him. Ministers of state Ashwini Chaubey and Ram Kirpal Yadav answered at considerable length and were allowed to have their say. The reporter also asked one of them what he thought about RG's hugging the PM and he effectively snorted in disapproval. When a panel discussion began after this,  more leading questions from the news anchor about this 'jadu ki jhappi."  And more criticism followed.                        

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