Codes on plagiarism from around the world

BY ninan| IN Media Practice | 20/01/2003



 Codes on plagiarism from around the world


Except for Sri Lanka, South Asian countries do not figure



Reprinted from the website of the PressWise Trust,




        References to PLAGIARISM in Codes of Conduct

        of Journalists’ Unions (except where stated

        otherwise) in the following countries:




        The journalist regards the following as incompatible

        with his/her professionalism:


        (a) Libel and slander;


        (b) Forgery and concealment of information;


        (c) Plagiarism;


        (d) Hidden advertising;


        (e) Use of professional position, rights, and authority

        for personal economic gain.




        Plagiarism is stealing. Always attribute fairly.




        Professional honesty forbids a journalist to exploit the

        values which he has received through his professional

        activity for personal interests and also for the interests

        of his intimates. The use of the printed word and

        broadcast word for persecution of disfavoured persons,

        information about the personal accounts, satisfaction

        of group or author`s ambitions is prohibited. A

        journalist is obliged to keep secret the sources of

        confidential information, to respect the right to the

        intellectual property and author`s rights of other

        persons, and not to allow ghost writing or plagiarism.




        Plagiarism is incompatible with the journalists` Code of



        Czech Republic:


        The journalist shall regard as grave professional

        offences the following:


        - plagiarism


        - malicious misrepresentation


        - calumny, slander, libel, unfounded accusations


             the acceptance of a bribe in any form in

             consideration of either publication or



        East Africa:


        PLAGIARISM. It is the duty of the journalist to regard

        plagiarism as unethical and to always credit the



        European Community:


        8) Abstaining from plagiarism, slander, defamation and

        unfounded accusations as well as from receiving any

        advantage owing to the publication or suppression of





        Plagiarism is dishonest and unacceptable. News or

        information which is borrowed for purpose of

        reproduction must be acknowledged.




        A journalist worthy of the name ·does not commit any





        6.6 Plagiarism and unwarranted accusations are





        A journalist should not plagiarize because it is

        unethical and illegal.


        Where there is the need to use another’s material, it is

        proper to credit the source.

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