Broadcasting code on anvil -- II

IN Law and Policy | 24/06/2006
This Program Code is intended to guide the BSP and is designed to inform of the standards expected in television programming.


This Program Code is intended to guide the BSP (broadcast service provider) and is designed to inform of the standards expected in television programming. It is based on enduring principles; that all programming should not mislead, cause offence, or lead to harm, particularly to the vulnerable.

Imitation and exploration have always been part of the child`s learning process and the broadcast media now form part of that experience. It is recognized, of course, that it remains the primary responsibility of parents "to instruct a child in the way that he/she should go". These code and the Guidelines are designed to help advertisers avoid making that task more difficult.

The BSP should be vigilant on the likely effects of all material shown on television on minors. Minors cover a wide age range. It is therefore necessary for the BSP to exercise judgment on the capacity of minors in different age groups in coping with the depiction and treatment of material which may not be suitable for them. As stated in Chapter I, it may be reiterated that this  Program Code at first instance shall be implemented through a self- regulatory mechanism of the BSP including through the Content Regulator. It is the responsibility of the BSP to ensure that the program they transmit is in consonance with this Code.

For the purposes of the Program Code, "Programme" as defined in Chapter III..

SECTION 1: Sex, Obscenity and Nudity

This section must be read in conjunction with the others Sections in this Chapter.


To ensure that programmes depicting any form of indecent, or obscene activity leading to incite people to, obscenity or indecency, or breach of law; should not be depicted.


1.1     Pointless or avoidable scenes of sex should not be shown unless there is a strong editorial justification for the same.

1.2     Content that is indecent, obscene, or of bad taste e.g. language and material, which depict or describe, in downright offensive terms, sexual or excretory organs or activities should not be broadcast. The following depictions shall lead to violation of the provisions of this section and therefore should not be broadcast:

(a)     no frontal and back nudity shall be permitted except under very rare circumstances, for example in the context of medical documentaries etc.  Even in such cases, scheduling must be done appropriately.

(b)     no scenes depicting sexual violence. However, a registering shot should be allowed considering the development of the plot and storyline.

(c)     no scenes depicting sexual intercourse, and suggestive material.

(d)     pointless and avoidable scenes of sex should not be shown.

In addition to the general and total adherence to the above guidelines by all Broadcasters, the guidance notes enclosed at the end of this Chapter may be referred for self certification of programmes.

SECTION 2 : Violence and Crime

This section must be read in conjunction with Section dealing with Harms and Offence.


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