Whew--Smriti Irani exits

IN Media Watch Briefs | 14/05/2018

 Smriti Irani's ten months in the I and B Ministry were tempestuous to put it mildly. She transferred at least 120 officers of the Information Service cadre, some of them against posts which did not exist. She restructured the publicity units of the ministry, and then took to making pronouncements about the need to regulate online media, even setting up a committee to make recommendations. Her effort to tackle fake news by saying accredited correspondents would lose their accreditation if they were found guilty of putting out fake news was quickly scotched by the Prime Minister's Office.    

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According to this report  34 people who were employed by  ABP Ltd through contractors for different departments, and were fired,  have been protesting outside the ABP premises for almost a month now but there has been no media coverage. Their troubles began when they formed a union in response to not being paid minimum wages by their contractors in 2016. Their union is affiliated to the TMC. They were fired after forming a union.The ABP management has not met them yet. Media outlets approached by the workers have declined to cover their plight. The Labour Minister has lent them a ear, but that has not resulted in any action.                     

Fake news propagators are active in Karnataka following the  hung assembly results. Boomlive reports that posts like this one on Twitter are fake news, using a video dating back to attacks on churches in Karnataka in 2008,  to claim that BJP cadres in Mangalore had just attacked a church to "to install bhagwa and bjp flags and celebrate victory of a BJP majority".  It was posted by a Mohammed Mohsin who Boomlive claims appears to be a Congress supporter.               

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