Proxy war in cyberspace?

IN Media Watch Briefs | 19/07/2016

The central government's effort to counter the theory of  home grown militancy being behind the unrest in Kashmir by saying that Pakistan is waging a proxy war in the state,  is bolstered by a story  in the  Times of India,  attributed to the Ministry of information and broadcasting. This one says Pakistan may be waging a proxy war in cyberspace because 45 per cent of the social media comments analysed are from "unknown geographical locations." Forty two per cent were found to be from India and 8 per cent from Pakistan. This was for the week July 8-14.


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Journalists in Kashmir are up in arms over the summons issued by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) to Kashmir Observer journalist Aqib Javed Hakim, for his interview with jailed separatist leader Asiya Andrabi in January. This amounted to intimidation and harassment, a joint statement of the Kashmir Working Journalist Association (KWJA) and Kashmir Journalist Association said, adding that, in the Kamran Yousuf case, the NIA had tried to define journalism by its own skewed standards.                           

D Sunitha, an ASP in the Telangana Police, filed complaints with the NBSA against character assassination by some Telugu TV channels. NBSA has announced an agreement  arrived at with HMTV whereby the channel will broadcast an agreed upon apology statement three times a day on three days starting today.The complaint was against ETV, Sakshi and HMTV, the NBSA has reserved its order in other two cases. TV9 was as much of an offender, but it is not a member if the NBSA.                   

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