No newspapes in Manipur

IN Media Watch Briefs | 07/09/2013

Except for Thursday (Sept 5), there have been no newspapers in Manipur in the last one week after a threat from an underground militant organisation which was issued when the editors refused to publish their press release. The paper boys in the state have decided not to deliver newspapers after they were warned on Friday. While there has been no action against the militants, it is unknown when the newspapers will resume. (The Hindu)

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ET reports that the Congress party will  have a hyperlocal social media strategy for the forthcoming state elections. It says the Congress social media cell has "identified block level social media warriors" who will give feedback on community level issues to the party's social media  war room. Such as which local temples  with a particular caste following the Congress state unit chief should visit, or in which areas farm loan waiver schemes are going badly, giving the Congress an issue to raise.                    

Doordarshan interviewed  two BJP ministers in the afternoon about what they thought of Rahul Gandhi's speech during the no-trust motion, and why BJP MPs had felt the need to come outside Parliament and attack him. Ministers of state Ashwini Chaubey and Ram Kirpal Yadav answered at considerable length and were allowed to have their say. The reporter also asked one of them what he thought about RG's hugging the PM and he effectively snorted in disapproval. When a panel discussion began after this,  more leading questions from the news anchor about this 'jadu ki jhappi."  And more criticism followed.                        

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