Kashmir Reader to hit the stands tomorrow

IN Media Watch Briefs | 27/12/2016

The Kashmir daily which was served a ban order on October 2 this year by invoking section 144 CrPC, Section 3 of the Incitement of Offences Act and Section 10 of the Press and Publication Act, will finally resume publication tomorrow. The newspaper's ban over close to three months evoked little outrage from  the media in the rest of the country.  The Indian Express reported earlier this week that ban was valid for two months and has lapsed. The state government decided not to extend it.

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The Hindu  reports that  writer S Hareesh has withdrawn his novel Meesha which was being serialised in Mathrubhumi Weekly after threats from organisations of the Sangh Parivar. They also vandalised an exhibition organised by Mathrubhumi books in Kochi in protest. They found portions of a dialogue between two characters in the novel objectionable. The Mathrubhumi Weekly editor tweeted that literature was being mob lynched.                                

ET reports that the Congress party will  have a hyperlocal social media strategy for the forthcoming state elections. It says the Congress social media cell has "identified block level social media warriors" who will give feedback on community level issues to the party's social media  war room. Such as which local temples  with a particular caste following the Congress state unit chief should visit, or in which areas farm loan waiver schemes are going badly, giving the Congress an issue to raise.                    
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