Head in the sand

IN Media Watch Briefs | 03/03/2018

 CNN New18 had a telling map of  the political contours of the NE when Narendra Modi became PM (all states with the Cong except two) and what  it looks like now, no states with Congress except one that it just might hang on to. But what was the Congress tweeting about on the day that it is getting further wiped out in the North East? The PNB scam, the Rafale scam, and Smriti Irani's battle with DD. @OfficeofRG held its peace and did not tweet at all.               

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UNI reports that Assam finance and health minister Dr Himanta Biswa Sarma has filed a defamation lawsuit against ABPNews, seeking Rs 100 crore in damages. The channel had reported that income tax raids on a Delhi 'middleman' called Anuj Poddar had found a  link between him and the minister. Sarma tweeted that he was outraged that he was being linked to a man he had never known or met in his life.                   

Indian Express reports that YouTube has blocked the Press Information Bureau's channel on that platform since June 16, and viewers are able to access any of its videos posted there since the channel became operational in 2011. YouTube says it is because it is updating its partner agreements, the story says.                   

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