Head in the sand

IN Media Watch Briefs | 03/03/2018

 CNN New18 had a telling map of  the political contours of the NE when Narendra Modi became PM (all states with the Cong except two) and what  it looks like now, no states with Congress except one that it just might hang on to. But what was the Congress tweeting about on the day that it is getting further wiped out in the North East? The PNB scam, the Rafale scam, and Smriti Irani's battle with DD. @OfficeofRG held its peace and did not tweet at all.               

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 A Hindu report datelined Karimnagar in Andhra Pradesh says a case has been registered  with Huzurabad police on March 17 against five persons for "manipulation, tampering, cheating, and  breach of trust for forcing the television viewers to watch particular channel serials by bribing them in order to increase TRP ratings  of particular channels." The ratings agency BARC had lodged the complaint.                     

Of all the resignations announced on Twitter, this one was the most curious: Nitin Sethi, deputy editor of the website Scroll.in,  announcing his resignation today, added a link to the last story he filed on the Adani Mundra port, setting off intense speculation in media circles that the Adanis were behind his exit. No one's talking as yet but with jittery media folk facing censorship from within and without, their antennae are quivering in curious anticipation.                      

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