Hard to live this down

IN Media Watch Briefs | 05/10/2017

The Hindu has apologised for an incredible story it published in its Mumbai edition on October 1,  saying that a video had recorded a  woman dying in the stampede at Elphinstone station being molested by a bystander. The apology said "A perusal of the clip does not warrant such a conclusion." It admitted that it was a failure of both reporting and editorial supervision but surely an incredible story like that warranted repeated perusal of the clip before the story was carried?

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Of all the resignations announced on Twitter, this one was the most curious: Nitin Sethi, deputy editor of the website Scroll.in,  announcing his resignation today, added a link to the last story he filed on the Adani Mundra port, setting off intense speculation in media circles that the Adanis were behind his exit. No one's talking as yet but with jittery media folk facing censorship from within and without, their antennae are quivering in curious anticipation.                      

Times Now's daily harangue against the Congress Party got fresh grist with Karnataka's Congress government declaring Lingayats as a separate religion. Anchor Rahul Shivshankar took personal credit for his channel not having been taken in by Rahul Gandhi's speech at the Congress plenary on Saturday claiming that the Congress would unify the country. A poll was duly presented:What do you think about the Congress? Unites India: 25 percent.  Divides India: 75 percent. Now there's a channel the BJP can always count on.                     

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