Contemptuous of coalitions?

IN Media Watch Briefs | 10/02/2018

Was he playing Devil's Advocate or is he really contemptuous of coalitions? Rajdeep Sardesai, anchoring the inaugural "election boardroom'' as Feb 9's 9pm broadcast on India Today TV was grandly called, kept referring to the Opposition  as a "gaggle of parties''. He then went on to ask whether Sonia Gandhi would be the one to lead this "gaggle'' again, and whether other parties would be okay with her leadership. Finally, he kept asking whether we were going to witness a return to the "coalition era'', as if that was the worst fate that could befall the country. These are legitimate questions and Opposition parties need to be asked these. But why is the anchor so scornful?  The UPA did lead a  stable coalition government for 10 years.                                       

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Well-known cartoonist Satish Acharya took to Facebook to say that his column with Mail Today ended after multiple attempts to censor his work. The latest was a cartoon on China's growing influence in the sub-continent, rejected because it was ostensibly 'defeatist'. Ironically, he said  cartoons critical of BJP President Amit Shah featured on the latter's personal website, which makes us wonder if this was another case of crawling when asked to  bend!                      

Is the ubiquitous ABP proprietor occupying the newsroom after the exit of top editors? The channel, covering the death of DMK leader M Karunanidhi today had this headline: "Karnatak se 5 baar CM rahe the Karunanidhi!' (Karunanidhi was a five-time CM of Karnataka).             

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