Blocking media

IN Media Watch Briefs | 14/03/2018

India Today channel was reporting and running a ticker saying : "media blocked from Gorakhpur counting centre".The reporter pointed out that at 11.45 am five rounds have been counted but only one round has been declared, while other centres like Phulpur were declaring five rounds. Then it became clear that the Samajwadi party was leading there. Does blocking media change the emerging results?                                        

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Fake news propagators are active in Karnataka following the  hung assembly results. Boomlive reports that posts like this one on Twitter are fake news, using a video dating back to attacks on churches in Karnataka in 2008,  to claim that BJP cadres in Mangalore had just attacked a church to "to install bhagwa and bjp flags and celebrate victory of a BJP majority".  It was posted by a Mohammed Mohsin who Boomlive claims appears to be a Congress supporter.               

Editorial writers on Thursday morning either did some plain speaking on what they thought of the Karnataka governor's decision to swear in a BJP government--ET, TOI, and   Business Standard--or looked for other subjects to write on--HT, The Hindu and  Mint. The Indian Express chose to ignore the messy ground reality and focus loftily on what the BJP's election winning prowess will mean for the future of the opposition, even if it chooses to get together. The Dainik Jagran also chose other subjects to write on.                      

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