A Salman Khan free for all

IN Media Watch Briefs | 07/04/2018
A news event ends up becoming a news peg for all kinds of stories. So whereas at one end of the spectrum an Indian Express report looked at the status of the blackbuck  after it was put on the endangered list on par with the tiger,  TV channels went to town with stories on Salman Khan's love life (India Today April 6), his leading ladies, what he ate in jail, alone, and of course the stars who came to visit.           
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Even as Zee News has been running programmes  questioning  the chargesheet filed in the Kathua rape case, Deepika Singh, lawyer for the Kathua victim’s family, has sent a legal notice To Zee Hindi News for a programme run by Zee Hindi News on April 17 in which Sudhir Chaudhury had alleged that Deepika Singh Rajawat had stayed at the Jawaharlal Nehru University, with the innuendo that she had supported anti-national elements. The notice said, "while my client reiterates that she has never stayed at JNU, she nevertheless firmly believes that there cannot be anything remotely wrong in staying in JNU, if ever she did. Your innuendoes and spreading of communal hatred constituted a threat to her life."    
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