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Ellen Barry of NYT filed this stunning story-- How to Get Away With Murder in Small-Town India--after her posting in India ended. Published on Sunday (Aug 20) it is a multi-faceted investigation which has received a huge response. However she identifies the Muslim constable who confirms that the death was a murder and that his bosses did a cover up, and prints his picture as well. The murder took place in an UP village. You shudder to think what the consequences might now be for him.                           

The Times Group is persisting in its efforts to leverage the social media behaviour of its employees for the company's benefit. Newslaundry reports that the Group which began dictating terms to staff who were on Twitter and Facebook from 2014, has just given them guidelines which amount to saying  journalists can’t tweet their own stories from their personal accounts.   “All content related to your primary role at BCCL should be posted solely on the Company account”.                    

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