BY Venkatesh Nayak| IN LAW AND POLICY |18/02/2014
The committee's Report submitted to the Lok Sabha on February 12, 2014, examines several issues relating to the use and misuse of cyber space but does them no justice,
BY Venkatesh Nayak| IN PRIVACY |27/08/2010
Agencies of the State and the private sector are collecting a variety of data on individuals. Adequate regulatory measures are needed to rein them in and safeguard individual privacy and data protection,
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D Sunitha, an ASP in the Telangana Police, filed complaints with the NBSA against character assassination by some Telugu TV channels. NBSA has announced an agreement  arrived at with HMTV whereby the channel will broadcast an agreed upon apology statement three times a day on three days starting today.The complaint was against ETV, Sakshi and HMTV, the NBSA has reserved its order in other two cases. TV9 was as much of an offender, but it is not a member if the NBSA.                   

The Supreme Court   asked   whether the government is trying to create a surveillance state while hearing a petition filed by Trinamool Congress MLA Mahua Moitra on the tender for a Social Media Communication Hub. But in Kashmir, admins of Whatsapp groups have been directed to register themselves with the district administration since 2016! Last week, in Kishtwar, 21 groups have been issued notices for failing to do so.                          

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