BY ramanujan| IN MEDIA PRACTICE |20/07/2006
The columnist was clear. The authorities were creating an atmosphere of suspicion against a target group (read Muslims)
BY ramanujan| IN MEDIA PRACTICE |03/05/2006
Nothing wrong in Kalanidhi Maran trying to emerge as India’s Rupert Murdoch provided he does not use unfair means to eliminate his competitors.
BY ramanujan| IN MEDIA PRACTICE |01/05/2006
The Hindu survey seems to be more scientific and methodical while the others only reflect the editorial policy of the publication concerned.
BY ramanujan| IN MEDIA PRACTICE |05/04/2006
What the the Times of India in Hyderabad did on the day of Ugadi insulted the intelligence of its more rational readers
BY ramanujan| IN MEDIA PRACTICE |10/03/2006
When Vaiko switched camps Sun TV thoroughly exposed him with its arsenal of file pictures from 2002, of his arrest under POTA.
BY ramanujan| IN MEDIA PRACTICE |05/03/2006
TV news went ga ga over Bush and the nuclear deal. As regards the street protests, both the print and television did not do much to put them in perspective.
BY ramanujan| IN MEDIA PRACTICE |22/02/2006
"I commissioned the cartoons in response to several incidents of self-censorship in Europe caused by widening fears and feelings of intimidation"
BY ramanujan| IN REGIONAL MEDIA |31/01/2006
Jayalalithaa’s bill may be the outcome of local political rivalry, but the issue it raises of media monopoly has to be addressed in the larger interest of democracy.
BY ramanujan| IN MEDIA PRACTICE |12/01/2006
Brinda Karat, Baba Ramdev, NDTV and the politics of family in investigative journalism
BY ramanujan| IN MEDIA PRACTICE |08/01/2006
Rajiv and Indira Gandhi were forgiven their excesses but Modi still gets the secular media’s goat. Any association with him is to be derided.
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Don't ask us what MeitY's committee on national investment in critical national infrastructure and digital broadcasting has to do with the regulation of online media content. But reports have it that the controversial  content regulation committee set up under the former Information and Broadcasting Minister Smriti Irani, has now quietly shifted to the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY). This is clearly one hot potato no one wants!                           


The Hindu  reports that  writer S Hareesh has withdrawn his novel Meesha which was being serialised in Mathrubhumi Weekly after threats from organisations of the Sangh Parivar. They also vandalised an exhibition organised by Mathrubhumi books in Kochi in protest. They found portions of a dialogue between two characters in the novel objectionable. The Mathrubhumi Weekly editor tweeted that literature was being mob lynched.                                

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