BY Naseer A Ganai| IN REGIONAL MEDIA |05/06/2009
If the media is reporting the misuse of force by the state government against protesters is it unprofessional?
BY Naseer A Ganai| IN MEDIA PRACTICE |25/05/2009
When the Guinness book of world records recently recognized Kashmir as the ‘largest militarized territorial dispute’ in the world, the Indian media blocked the news as usual.
BY Naseer A Ganai| IN MEDIA PRACTICE |02/05/2009
If the participation of the people in the J&K assembly elections was a vote for India why is the non-participation this time being attributed to broken promises as reported by Greater Kashmir, poll fatigue as reported by the Himalayan Mail, lack of z
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Don't ask us what MeitY's committee on national investment in critical national infrastructure and digital broadcasting has to do with the regulation of online media content. But reports have it that the controversial  content regulation committee set up under the former Information and Broadcasting Minister Smriti Irani, has now quietly shifted to the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY). This is clearly one hot potato no one wants!                           


The Hindu  reports that  writer S Hareesh has withdrawn his novel Meesha which was being serialised in Mathrubhumi Weekly after threats from organisations of the Sangh Parivar. They also vandalised an exhibition organised by Mathrubhumi books in Kochi in protest. They found portions of a dialogue between two characters in the novel objectionable. The Mathrubhumi Weekly editor tweeted that literature was being mob lynched.                                

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