BY Lalitha Sridhar| IN MEDIA PRACTICE |14/06/2003
An interviewee I once thought a possible friend was completely put off when I returned the lovely designer dupatta she couriered to me.
BY Lalitha Sridhar| IN MEDIA PRACTICE |17/03/2003
It undressed the finance minister, brought in cricket and Kareena Kapoor, and drowned itself in unbelievable verbal excesses
BY Lalitha Sridhar| IN MEDIA PRACTICE |24/12/2002
If the profile is about someone balding and on the wrong side of fifty is sent away to the bottom of the fourth page.
BY Lalitha Sridhar| IN MEDIA PRACTICE |12/04/2002
When the pen is mightier than the sword When the pen is mightier than the sword There is one thing that is not taught in any school of journalism and yet, is a subject of vital concern. And that is a certain sensitivity towards the feelings of those who are written about. A reporting career comes..
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Around 1300 newspapers have benefitted from full page colour insertions by The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting  commemorating former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee.  Some also got a full page insertion from the govt of Rajasthan. DAVP also worked to ensure that the blog the PM had penned got published, reaching out to some 125 newspapers late in the evening. Most of them obliged.               
Doordarshan News did not adhere to Prasar Bharati's existing police guidelines of not covering political party functions live on August 15 this year, reportsThe Print.  It telecast live BJP president Amit Shah's efforts to unfurl the national flag at the BJP headquarters. Unfortunately for Mr Shah DD only succeeded in telecasting to the world his gaffe in pulling at the wrong rope which made the flag fall to the ground before it was unfurled, reports the website.      
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