BY dasu k| IN MEDIA PRACTICE |09/10/2006
That a plea for abolition of the death penalty should originate in an act of terrorism shows how freedom of expression can be devalued by its misuse.
BY dasu k| IN MEDIA PRACTICE |23/08/2006
The Post directed its editorial ire against the judge, arguing that her opinion would not be helpful as a piece of judicial work.
BY dasu k| IN MEDIA PRACTICE |07/06/2006
In the cause of objectivity, I tried to see if there were other editors, columnists and readers who were as upset as the Hindu was.
BY dasu k| IN MEDIA PRACTICE |29/10/2005
The New York Post described the scene at the Times as all-out civil war. The gossip is that the Times used Maureen Dowd to disclose the publisher’s mind.
BY dasu k| IN MEDIA PRACTICE |29/09/2005
The anger of the Hindu and the Pioneer has to be seen in the context of the possible damage that the vote would invite upon our energy security.
BY dasu k| IN MEDIA PRACTICE |01/05/2005
The liberal media are caught in a dilemma because they cannot welcome Blair for the same reasons as they continue to denounce Bush.
BY dasu k| IN MEDIA PRACTICE |29/10/2004
Four days from the election day, John Kerry is leading George Bush 149 to 126 in endorsements and in terms of circulation 17.7 million to 11.6 million.
BY dasu k| IN LAW AND POLICY |30/06/2004
National media acquire extra clout over national government by forging links with international media.
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Around 1300 newspapers have benefitted from full page colour insertions by The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting  commemorating former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee.  Some also got a full page insertion from the govt of Rajasthan. DAVP also worked to ensure that the blog the PM had penned got published, reaching out to some 125 newspapers late in the evening. Most of them obliged.               
Doordarshan News did not adhere to Prasar Bharati's existing police guidelines of not covering political party functions live on August 15 this year, reportsThe Print.  It telecast live BJP president Amit Shah's efforts to unfurl the national flag at the BJP headquarters. Unfortunately for Mr Shah DD only succeeded in telecasting to the world his gaffe in pulling at the wrong rope which made the flag fall to the ground before it was unfurled, reports the website.      
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