BY Anand Bala| IN MEDIA PRACTICE |18/04/2010
I am not asking you to stop covering the skeletons of the IPL and entertainment. I am asking why a natural disaster of such magnitude cannot get a fraction of the same bandwidth,
BY Anand Bala| IN OPINION |24/10/2009
News Channels on the one hand are protesting that the government is negotiating with terrorists. On the other hand, they were falling all over themselves to play a role in the hand-over of the hostage.
BY Anand Bala| IN MEDIA PRACTICE |12/02/2009
Is it logical to have the leader in one of the most polluting industries in the world as a sponsor for an environmental campaign?
BY Anand Bala| IN OPINION |07/01/2009
If the Indian media ignores the facts, distorts the truth and draws parallels with Mumbai (e.g. - Israel has a right to self-defence) we will be missing the truth by much more than a mile!
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Journalists in Kashmir are up in arms over the summons issued by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) to Kashmir Observer journalist Aqib Javed Hakim, for his interview with jailed separatist leader Asiya Andrabi in January. This amounted to intimidation and harassment, a joint statement of the Kashmir Working Journalist Association (KWJA) and Kashmir Journalist Association said, adding that, in the Kamran Yousuf case, the NIA had tried to define journalism by its own skewed standards.                           

D Sunitha, an ASP in the Telangana Police, filed complaints with the NBSA against character assassination by some Telugu TV channels. NBSA has announced an agreement  arrived at with HMTV whereby the channel will broadcast an agreed upon apology statement three times a day on three days starting today.The complaint was against ETV, Sakshi and HMTV, the NBSA has reserved its order in other two cases. TV9 was as much of an offender, but it is not a member if the NBSA.                   

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